January 21, 2022

Beauty products I loved in 2021

One year ago I was starting my blog. One of my first articles was a roundup of my favorite beauty products of 2020, so this year I’ll do it again to continue the tradition.  Even though this past year completely flew by, I do have some staples I got to try and want to share them with you. 

Beauty products are individual to everyone depending on what works better for you. I always like to hear about someone’s favorites, the ones they can’t live without. These are a few of mine;


Natural complexion for the win, always! With this  Bare Minerals foundation I achieved that natural, glowy and healthy look. I love products that also have benefits so it’s basically skincare & makeup at the same time! 

A classic, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz  is loved by many, I personally don’t put too much effort on my eyebrows, I have never. I just let them be, but when I wear makeup I do like to give a little shape and depth.

I’m big on mascara, it completely changes my expression, so it’s an infallible of mine, this It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara is spectacular.

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One of the most important steps of skincare is to cleanse your face, nowadays there are so many chemicals hidden in beauty products, that’s why one of my goals is to try more clean products. I recently started using the Face Cleanser from Youth to the People and is one of my favorites I’ve tried so far- my skin feels fresh and super soothed at the same time, it reminds me of a spa I don’t know why!

Completely worth the hype, this Laneige Lip Mask is an absolute favorite, I apply it before bed and my lips never felt better!

I love masks that are not too harsh on your skin, that’s why I love to apply this Glamglow Berryglow Mask. It’s super gentle and so refreshing!

Exfolliation is super important and sometimes we tend to forget about it, been loving this Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant to help get rid of dead skin and exfoliate.

The under eyes area is so sensitive and therefore needs gentle products, I discovered the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright eye crème  , it’s specially good for dark circles and it brightens & smooths right away. Love it!

Last but not least, my favorite sunscreen ever! The Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen have changed my life! I tell everyone to try it because is truly the best. 

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Haircare & Body

Healthy hair is a non-negotiable for me, I believe you don’t need to use a lot of products on your hair, just a few good ones. The simpler your hair routine is, the better! This Amika Instant Shine Mask will leave your hair shiny and soft, the best part is that it only takes a minute! 

My new favorite perfume is the Replica Beach Walk from Maison Margiela it’s so refreshing but versatile at the time, I could easily wear it for a day out in the sun or at night for dinner. 

I started using De la Heart Paddle recently and I’m obsessed with it. Lymphatic drainage massage is so important for you- it helps you with water retention and to get rid of toxins. I feel so good afterwards, I aim to do it everyday. 

 I’ve been loving  Living proof perfect hair day shampoo &conditioner  , my hair feels much stronger and healthy, shiny without getting oily and with the right amount of volume. Definitely one of my favorite products.

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