August 13, 2021

Denim on denim

There is no such thing as owning too much denim. Am i right? I believe denim is, and will always be that one thing that would never fail. A good quality denim is made to last forever. 

Nunca se puede tener demasiado denim. ¿Cierto? Creo que el denim es, y siempre será eso que nunca va a fallar. El denim de buena calidad esta hecho para durar por siempre. 

Denim has a very special role in fashion history, since it was designed as workwear but has evolved into what we all know today: a simple yet expressful fabric. Denim gained popularity around the 1920s thanks to cowboys wearing jeans in hollywood movies, later on, in the 60s rockstars made jeans an essential part of their garments and this contributed to the counterculture. In 1976 Calvin Klein was the first designer to show jeans as part of the runway. 

Total denim looks has always attracted me, i feel powerful and ready for anything when wearing them. 

Some of my favorite denim picks