May 19, 2022

How to style your wardrobe

Style is something that is constantly evolving, that’s why my advice is not necessarily following trends but being true to the things you like as opposed to what everyone is wearing. 

When it comes to creating outfits  it’s always important to work with the pieces you have in your closet in a way  you can use the same ones in many different ways.

It’s not about how big your closet is but rather how you play with it. Having a good  foundation and understanding it, will help you maximize your ability to be creative when dressing yourself and taking advantage of literally everything you own. 

There’s pieces that are basic to have in your closet, aka the foundation pieces:

 -Black blazer(oversized is my personal preference)

-Pair of blue jeans

-White t shirt/tank top/shirt

-Black biker shorts

-White sneakers

-Black trousers

-Black dress

-Black sandals 

To have this pieces as a foundation is to set yourself up for success, after that you can start adding statement pieces or elevated basics that will also play an important role when it comes to personal style, which should be unique and of course define you.  


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Thanks for reading!